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Various Artists - Soulseeker 2

Various Artists - Soulseeker 2
LabelMidijum Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Brain Damage - Soulseeker Volume 2


01 Four Carry Nuts - Pendulum (Mandylion Remix)
02 Silent Sphere - Neuland
03 Mandylion - Monastary Of Sound
04 Brain Damage - Ghost In The Machine
05 Intersys vs Rythmic Acid - Blissfull Guidance
06 Chromosome - Chill Thrill Troopers
07 Rumble Pack - Simulated Roadmap
08 Gaudium - Muzzic
09 DJ Exanimo - Jack The Groove

Four Carry Nuts - Pendulum (Mandylion Remix)

"Our space is vast. Your passage would require too much time. We need the technology now." @ 0:05

From 'Star Trek - Voyager' (S03E26 'Scorpion Part 1')

Star Trek - Voyager

Brain Damage - Ghost in the machine

'.. there have always been ghosts in the machine, random segments of code that have grouped together to form unexpected protocols. Unanticipated, these free radicals engender questions of free will, creativity, and even the nature of what we might call the soul. Why is it when some robots are left in darkness they will seek out the light? Why is it that when robots are stored in an empty space they will group together rather than stand alone?'

'I have even had dreams.'

'Human beings have dreams. Even dogs have dreams, but not you ... you are just a machine, an imitation of life.'

From the movie 'I, Robot'

I Robot

Chromosome - Chill Thrill Troopers

'Forward me the phantom data and everything we've got in the file of spirits collected so far.'

'Yes, doctor.'

'Spirits? I thought we aren't supposed to use the S word?'

'<laughs> Don't get smart with me. Now let's see if that plant does the trick.'

'It's a match.'

From the movie 'Final Fantasy : The Spirits Within'

Final Fantasy

Rumble Pack - Simulated Roadmap

"'Cryonization - a journey of reawakening ... preservation of the human body at extremely low temperatures.'
'They laughed at Jules Verne too. You are not ...'" @ 0:24

From the movie 'Vanilla Sky'

Vanilla Sky

Various Artists - Soulseeker 2: Front
Various Artists - Soulseeker 2: Back
Various Artists - Soulseeker 2: Back 2
Various Artists - Soulseeker 2: Inside
Various Artists - Soulseeker 2: Inside 2