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Various Artists - Sounds Of Kaballah

Various Artists - Sounds Of Kaballah
LabelWired Music
Typecompilation, CD

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Cosmonet - Sounds Of Kaballah


01 Shanti vs Bushman - Gunts
02 Mad Hatters vs Life Style vs Cosmonet - Wada Fuck
03 GMS - Higher (When I Close My Eyes Remix)
04 Life Style - New Reality
05 Joti Sidhu vs Earthling - Acid Music
06 Mad Hatters - Vertigo
07 Rinkadink - New Phizzics (Ultimate Remix)
08 Cosmonet - The Secret
09 Absolut & Blade - Crash (Act. Sense Remix)
10 Brisker & Magitman - Vies Of Wilderness

The label Wired Music, in a partnership with the party team Kaballah, releases "Sounds of Kaballah", a compilation that features legends of the worldwide trance scene that have played in Kaballah parties, one main open-air party in Brazil. "Sounds of Kaballah" aims to show all the musicality that has always been present in KABALLAH's dancefloors, that reflects in each of its editions everything that is original, vanguardist and that innovates. A scenery in which the soundtrack is the protagonist that seduces, induces and wins more and more fans. Music that moves, makes us dance, fulfills and rouses a new perspective A sound that gathers, celebrates, intensifies and teases.

The CD is compiled by the resident DJs of the party, Gugha, Sam Miura e Jota and it counts on collaborations and partnerships with standout names of the Brazilian and the international scene, the three residents gathered special productions by artists that have made amazing performances in so many editions of the party aiming to add some shine to this first compilation.

The CD features names like GMS, SHANTI, JOTI SIDHU, EARTHILING, BRISTER & MAGITIMAN, together with Brazilian up and coming names like MAD HATTERS, LIFE STYLE, COSMONET, ACT SENSE and others.

Various Artists - Sounds Of Kaballah: Front