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Various Artists - Sounds Of Sanity

Various Artists - Sounds Of Sanity
LabelSounds Of Sanity Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Echotek - Just N Echo
02 Manmademan - Vandal
03 D-tector - Leg Blender
04 Deedrah - Sense Of Peace Manley
05 Eat Static - Suction Unit
06 KX Electronic - Erratic Impulse
07 Dino Psaras - The Maya
08 X.S.I - Back From The Full Moon
09 Bluetech - Cyanecent

Be ready to make yours the crazy sounds that bring sanity to your mind. Sounds of Sanity is a young Mexican label focus on bringing the very best of electronic music no matter what genre. Founded by Carlos Moreno (DJ Parageo) and Oscar Moreno (DJ Pax) in 2004 with their first party, their main goal is to unify the electronic movement and break the barriers that has been built separating Progressive Trance, Full on Trance, Techtrance, Ambient, Chill out, etc. and present electronic music as it is, one united movement.

This is an international compilation that gives a unique listening experience, each track is an unreleased track that goes practically at any direction electronic music has taken on the past years, the whole compilation is mastered by Eat Static's Merv Pepler, assuring the best sound quality that modern technics can bring to your ears.

This is an example of the variety and richness of a music that is constantly developing new ways to express itself.

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