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Various Artists - Soundwave Splash

Various Artists - Soundwave Splash
LabelBlissdom Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 GMS - Soundwave
02 Sirius Isness vs Cyrus The Virus - Summer Splash
03 Gataka & E-Fact - Never Trust A DJ
04 Alien Project - Stereophonic Sound
05 Bio Tonic - Antarion
06 Indigo - Blue Lagoon
07 Alien vs The Cat - The Race (Orbital Vibes Remix)
08 Rig - Feel The Signal
09 System 7 - High Plains Drifter (Blissdom Remix)

Brand new songs reaching state of the art cool. Concentrated here in Japan by the top trance artists in the world.You can find artist such as GMS, ALIEN PROJECT, BIO-TONIC, who are known thrillers at every party; leaders in psychedelic music, SYSTEM7;GATAKA, building on success; SIRIUS ISNESS and their new project RIG (which is a different project from SIGN6, who is from UNI). The song "BLUE LAGOON" INDIGO, made by DJ TAKASHI and his brother ISAO, who together compiled and recorded the CD.

This disc is packed with hit songs for summer season. This monsterous splash compilation album includes 9 unpublished originals. This is the first compilation CD which Blissdom presents to the world.about Blissdom:From the start, we have been trying to match the best. Our independentlabel(Blissdom recordings) is just out and already has mobilized morethan 35,000 fans.

DJ TAKASHI is the Organizer and DJ ISAO is a Resident for Blissdom. Together they have compiled and produced one extremely full-on compilation from an upcoming line of songs.

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