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Various Artists - Spaced Out

Various Artists - Spaced Out
LabelNoga Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Spaced Out


01 Gataka vs Apocalypse vs Gilix - In My Mind
02 System Nipel feat. Electra - Game On
03 Pixel vs Cyclic - Twist Again (Pixel Remix)
04 Stereomatic - Just In Time
05 Sesto Sento vs Space Cat - Getting High Power
06 Aqutica vs Cosmic Tone vs Visual Paradox - Sub Harmonic
07 Star-X - Different (Gataka Remix)
08 Vibe Tribe - Kick The Base
09 E-Fact vs Poli vs Dizzy Mind - A 1000 Words
10 Analog Pussy - Sound Of Soul (Gataka vs Indra Remix)

Various Artists - Spaced Out: Front