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Various Artists - Spacedivers

Various Artists - Spacedivers
LabelDropout Productions
Typecompilation, CD


01 Master Margherita - Quiet Place
02 Paraclaw - Chill In The Dark
03 Atriohm - Sun Jump
04 Grapes of Wrath - D'em D'aliens
05 Dejan - Foulek
06 Alien Mental - Mental Blues
07 Ocelot - Psychedelic Family
08 Nimba - SpaceEarth: 2high2drum
09 Khusuk vs Bius - Exhilariam

Dropout Productions is proud to present their 5th release and the first ambient compilation: "SpaceDivers". This release is an exploration into the world of ambient, composed by our favorite alien dive masters: Grapes of Wrath, Ocelot, Nimba (the Nommos) and others. The softer side of Dropout is revealed: Floating sounds on a colorful coral of beats, deliver an unexpected diving experience.
Enjoy the view and never forget to breathe!

Various Artists - Spacedivers: Front