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Various Artists - Spiritual Moves 6: Future Quest

Various Artists - Spiritual Moves 6: Future Quest
LabelAgitato Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Cyber Cartel - Spiritual Moves Vol. 6 - Future Quest


01 Space Monkey - It's Organic
02 Eskimo vs Cosmosis - Something Wrong
03 Toast3d - Feel My Drums
04 Wizzy Noise - Pure Wave
05 Beat Hackers - 95%
06 Space Buddha vs Toast3d - Orbital
07 Dynamic - Clear It Out
08 Opium Of The Masses - Seven Mushrooms
09 Cyber Cartel - Return To The Source

Spiritual Moves Vol.6 is the long awaited sequence to one of Agitato Records eternal projects.

The spiritual moves serial had always the strongest Goa vibe. Every volume had always brought back the most original Goa sounds. It's goal isn't a nostalgia, it's a pure Goa passion.

Almost every year, Spiritual Moves spinning the minds of Goa sound lovers with the strongest lineup as possible. Just think of Eskimo collaborating with Cosmosis, Space Buddha, Wizzy Noize, Cyber Cratel, Dynamic and more.

Various Artists - Spiritual Moves 6: Future Quest: Front