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Various Artists - Spoken Weird

Various Artists - Spoken Weird
LabelAdama Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Oxya - Trancetard
02 Sattel Battle - Homegrown Remix
03 Crazy Ducks - Freakadelic
04 Sienis - Nosy Neighbours
05 Calamar Audio - Calamar Audio
06 Digressio Traviato - The 3 Eye
07 Mullet Mohawk - Perse-Arska
08 Eraser vs Yöjalka - Himolaskijan Pitkät Nousut
09 Pavel Svimba - Suuntavaisto
10 Sygmatix vs Crazy Ducks - Funky Spirit
11 Lemon Slide vs D.D.A - Bostik Bossa
12 Scozbor - Turkey Nnodder

From the searing subtropics of Northern Australia comes the flagship release from Adama Music -Spoken Weird. A jaw-dropping array of some of the globes most out-of-the-box artists guide you on this scorching safari, combining gut-wrenching psychedelia with some of the naughtiest funk ever to be dug up. Adama implores you to loosen your tongue as we get WAY far-flung with the seriously squishy, hectic dialect that is Spoken Weird.

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