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Various Artists - Spring Break

Various Artists - Spring Break
LabelMushy Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Spacemeg vs In-Panic - Black Hole
02 Bubble - Clear
03 Twilight - All Dimensions
04 Mojo - Mind Control
05 Perlook - The 80' Are Over
06 In-Panic - Atomic Fashion
07 Insomnia - Feel The Vibe
08 Yoti - Forced Busy
09 In-Panic - Suzzy Federation
10 Monica Scream - Spring Brake

The Cold winter has passed, hiding from cold & storms deep inside the studios, mixing and fixing the next dishNow, first signs of warmth and glimpse of sunshine has awaken the team, crawling out of their musical layers, The Mushy gang is back!.

IX months of preparations - creating & searching for specific notes that would best fit the compilation's vibe. Mushy Records presents V/A Spring Break CD, featuring 10 previously unreleased tracks.The compilation presents Mushy top crew members along side interesting and carefully selected acts, all placed together by D.j Space Meg.

Featuring acts such as:Twilight - The extremely talented dance floor maniac, contributed a powerful morning tune. In-Panic - The 'Next Kid on the Block' been rocking dance floors worldwide lately, features here his slightly twisted interpretation of pop, and an enhanced melodic atmosphere.

Bubble With their first release after their successful 'Sound of silence' album, recently released, raising the bar, of their unique Elect-on style, HIGH!!!.Perlook- Collaborations with acts such as Psycraft, Future Prophecy, to name a few, was just a glimpse to their skill, presenting their funky new groove.

Monica Scream- The newest editions to the Mushy Crew, closing off the session with floating low beats, running in the fields of electro-progressive rhythms.

This album is dedicated to all you fun lover's, ground diggers, out there

Various Artists - Spring Break: Front