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Various Artists - Sprite

Various Artists - Sprite
LabelLiquid & Solid
Typecompilation, CD

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Alternative control - Sprite - Compiled By Dj Stomas


01 Eat Static - Hollow Earth
02 Shanti - In The Wormhole
03 Wizzy Noise & Jaia - Crystal Noise (Wizzy Noise Remix)
04 Prosper - Thinking About You
05 Shanti & Bushman - Kosher Beats
06 Elec3 - Sprite
07 Alternative Control - Sapphire
08 Jaia - Exosphere (2007 Remix)
09 Ticon - In Stereo (Even 11 Remix)

With unreleased tracks from Eat Static, Shanti, Wizzy Noise and Jaia (WN rmx), Prosper, Shanti and Bushman, Elec3, Alt Ctrl, Jaia, Ticon (Even 11 rmx) - V/A Sprite is the new cd of Liquid and Solid records collected and compiled by dj Stomas. Without any compromise, it represents the top end, in terms of artists and tunes quality, and can be described as 'neo- trance'.

It is definitely different than anything else on the market and more important, because of its diversity, it can fit into anyone's taste. Sprite cleverly tries to connect various styles into one flawless package ranging from 130 bpm progressive grooves to 145 bpm psychedelic rides, mainly keeping the beat around 140 bpm.The opening track is the Eat Static masterpiece, the one that could be heard in every single live of this legendary duo, during the past year. It starts with a long intro slowly leading into rhythmical and groovy mayhem with that intense, distinctive sci-fi feeling thru the whole piece.

The second track is one of Shanti's most different and original tracks he every made. It is a very intelligent, groovy 140 bpm tune with a touch of tribal elements and a very, very warm bassline. The one to be loved by everyone.This is the Wizzy Noise remix of the track that was voted as one of the best tunes of the year 2003. released on the first Liquid and Solid compilation V/A Alfa. The question is, will it repeat the success of the original? Quite possibly!Prosper is the fastest track on the cd.

It is a very emotional song with great ride that will take you high above the clouds!'Kosher beats' is the new product of the ShantiandBushman collaboration. It is a storming track, a very massive one, with big sounds, and is a must for every lover of the new hi-tech trance music.

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