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Various Artists - Spun On Earth

Various Artists - Spun On Earth
LabelSpun Records

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Soundaholix - Spun On Earth


01 Deedrah - Goa Sunrise
02 Logic Bomb (Aka Alternate Vision) - Theatre Of Magic
03 Eskimo - Open Your Eyes Up
04 Sub6 & Pixel - Navigate Into
05 Wrecked Machines, Domestic & Pixel - A.D.D.
06 Hallucinogen - Gamma Goblins (GMS Remix)
07 Skazi - Fire 'N' Ice
08 Talamasca - Speaking Robot (GMS Remix)
09 Soundaholix (Aka Earthling & GMS) - The Moon
10 Soundaholix - LSD Story (Infected Mushroom Remix)
11 Phoenix Family & Earthling - Killer Dope (Chromatone Remix)
12 Mindstorm (Aka Doctor Spook) - Starstuff

At last! The worlds most popular trance artists together with one of the planets most celebrated psychedelic animators present 12 amazing 3D FX videos perfectly synched to the biggest hits! Each spectacular video abducts you on a SPUN filled journey into Dr. Spook's vivid and exotic imagination set to a fusion of acid techno, deep tribal beats and progressive tunes known worldwide as "GOA" or "Psychedelic" Trance. Spun Records, leaders of this unique art form proudly step forward with this revolutionary DVD. Spun was the 1st to bring Psytrance to Hollywood, the Superbowl broadcast, Sony's Grand Turismo games and now a worldclass achievement with this DVD/CD. Spook has worked with the biggest labels like Arista, Sony, Geffen, Universal, Elton John (Rocket Man Rec), Allman Brother's (Peach Rec), Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, featured in Res Fest and won multiple international awards. Experience Dr. Spook's mind mending full power art adventure in Dolby AC3 Pro Logic Surround Sound.

- This DVD is a Complete Party on a Disc
- DJs, VJs, Clubs love seamless looping visuals
- Hi Res 7 Mbs 24fps 480P Mpeg2 video Encoding
- Awesome Dolby AC3 Pro Logic Surround Sound
- Made with Oscar Winning animation technology
- Compatible with all regions worldwide
- Bonus Mix CD with full indexed soundtrack