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Various Artists - Stereo Slave

Various Artists - Stereo Slave
LabelEchoes Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Brisker & Magitman - Stereo Slave


01 Brisker & Magitman - Complex (Parham & Plaza Remix)
02 Manuel Duego - Hold On (Phatjak Remix)
03 True Lies - After All Has Happened
04 Lish - Dirty Feelings
05 La Baaz - Virtual Halloween
06 Gun & Gore - We Try
07 True To Nature - In My Room
08 Trancefeld - Very Naughty

After the huge success, of Echoes Records previous compilation 'Think Different, Echoes is now delighted to present you with a brand new exciting compilation, the tracks are carefully selected to ensure that Echoes will provide a top quality progressive CD.

'Stereo Slave' was compiled by Echoes Records label heads, DJ Osho and Daniel Leites, a high standard and promising compilation. 'Stereo Slave' is a fine collection of fresh Electro & Progressive sounds from the cream of the crop, of the international circuit.The collection opens with a remarkable remix from Parham and Dominic Plaza, for 'Complex' that was original written by the Israeli duo Brisker & Magitman.Another excellent remix for Manuel Duego's track, 'Hold On', was made by the Greek duo Phatjak. Taking the original version to another mind-blowing direction, this rework will set any dance floor on fire!Lish feature yet another powerful tune, presenting a sophisticated buildup all way through, enhanced by enchanting melodic touches. The German band True Lies, recently released their successful album (Candyflip Rec.), delivering a true masterpiece. The Swiss master La Baaz, contributing another successful La Baaz trademarked track, wraped beats & a deep deep base sound.An interesting collaboration between the German producers Peter Gun and Arthur Gore, catchy melodies and emotional break. This international release present Danish act True To Nature, who drop in a deep groovy progressive hit.Closing this remarkable venture is Trancefeld, Avalanche Records, with a monster of his ownWithout any doubt 'Stereo Slave' will become a firm favorite of DJ's over the coming months.Grab it!!! No Doubt About It

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