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Various Artists - Symphony Of Surgery

Various Artists - Symphony Of Surgery
LabelCannibal Syndrome Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Total - Revolt
02 Katastrof - Resistance Is Futile
03 Flipknot - If U R 555, Then I'm 666
04 Defragmental - Tekilla From Hell
05 Jigsaw - Bloodyman
06 Hishiryo vs Kiriyama - Shih-Neh
07 Katastrof - Trip To Moskow
08 Total - Rat Race
09 Traskel - That Little Voice Inside My Head
10 Alpman - Rolf Bor I En Hydda

This is the newstarted Swedish label "Cannibal Syndrome Records" first release. It contains talented surgeons all over the world and brings you madness between 146 and 161 bpm.

The Symphony of Surgery compilation will be unreleased tracks with various forms from the elements of alternative trance music. The profit will be donated to a helping project to support our mother planet's nature. The compilation will consist in a limited edition of 500 surgery reports.