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Various Artists - Syntonized Fields

Various Artists - Syntonized Fields
LabelMidwayStation Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Digicult - Last Warning
02 Mr Peculiar - Hallucination Generation
03 Suria vs Holophonik - Another Dimension
04 Holophonik - Black Spiral
05 Rastaliens - Psycho Acustics
06 Cosmotech - Sonic Solutions
07 Full Propulsion - Just Trying
08 Menog vs Holophonik - Space Travellers
09 Yonilinga - The Miracle Buddha

After a year of hard work, MidwayStation Records is proud to announce the first compilation, Syntonized Fields, carefully selected to bring back that sintonized feeling which was used to gather people in celebrations in the beginning of trance's scene.

In this V.A., MWS Records presents 9 unreleased high quality tracks developed by skilled producers, and invites you to travel with it to a journey back to the source.

This compilation is very important for the company because it marks the beginning of Midwaystation as an electronic music label. Our aim is to release all kinds of electronic music, but mostly reminding that for us there are only two kinds of music: good ones or bad ones.
We chose to start releasing a trance compilation mostly because one of our founders, Ivan Filipe (Holophonik), is a trance producer and a trance lover that still believes in the powerful force that this scene has. We hope that this compilation is the first of a long list of releases that our label is gonna bring to you!!!

Various Artists - Syntonized Fields: Front