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Various Artists - Tabernanthe 2 - Back to the Roots

Various Artists - Tabernanthe 2 - Back to the Roots
LabelIboga Mexico
Typecompilation, CD

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Behind Blue Eyes - Tabernanthe 2


01 Trancemission feat. Inner Mind - Inner Vision
02 Ski-Fi - Hi Fidelity
03 Nizel & Saeg - Digital Audio Bytes
04 Freq - Our Instincts (Joof Mix)
05 Flowjob - Milky Way Honey Moon
06 Mondayz Millionaires - This Music
07 Behind Blue Eyes - Deep Impact
08 Behind Blue Eyes - Rumble In The Jungle (Fiord Remix)
09 Beat Bizarre - Stalactite

Iboga Mexico is a new progressive label based in Mexico City, owned and operated by DJ Vedant.

The label concentrates on talents from Mexico and gets support from Iboga Records in Denmark, who also supplies fresh material from their in house artists.

Tabernanthe 2 – Back to the Roots, is compiled by Vedant & Banel and marks a new chapter for the growing progressive scene in Mexico, with focus on upcoming names like Saeg, Xibalba and Ski-Fi, from whom we hope to see albums on “Iboga Mexico” in the time to come.

Vedant & Banel has also selected some fresh tunes from artists like Behind Blue Eyes, Beat Bizarre, Fiord (Antix side-project), Flowjob (with their best work to date), Emok & FREq.

The compilation delivers what it promises, a top drawer selection of super high quality

Various Artists - Tabernanthe 2 - Back to the Roots: Front