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Various Artists - Tantra Trance 2

Various Artists - Tantra Trance 2
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 Fitalic - Twisted Difusion
02 Atmos - Ordinary Weekend (Thomas Penton Remix)
03 Perfect Stranger - Consequences
04 Symphonix vs Xibalba - We Find A Way (Earsugar Remix)
05 Philter - Follow Me (Unreleaseed)
06 Dualsnug - 400000 Million Stars
07 Liquid Soul - Crazy People
08 Cyklones - Music Religion
09 Vibrasphere - Floating Free

01 Shulman - I Dive
02 Geo - Glow Motion (Short Edit)
03 En Voice - Lost In Space (Previously Unreleased)
04 Side Liner - Screaming Tears (Zero Cult Remix)
05 Digital Mystery Tour - Dematerializer
06 Zero Cult - Neokarma
07 Jens Buchert - Take Air
08 Not Drowning Waving - Cold And The Crackle (Arcane Trickster Remix)
09 Augustinu - June
10 Tina Malia - Sarva Mangala

TANTRA TRANCE VOL.2 is an authentic product amongst the so called "Spirutal Compilations" which comprise mainly of fake chill out and odd groove music made by one producer only . The release of TANTRA TRANCE VOL.1 has been well received by the people and slowly grown into one of those Underground tips with Vol.1 still in high demand. TANTRA TRANCE VOL.2 delivers sexy and groovy Trance grooves with rare tunes and unreleased material. CD 2 offers the most beautifull chill-out music and this concept is a killer in quality and track listing. Well know acts such as Shulman mingle with true rarities such as GEO, ZERO CULT and JENS BUECHER. In addition, unreleased material by SANDSPIDER make this Album special together with 4 more unrleased tracks by JAIA, DUALSNUG, PHILTER & ETIC!

Liquid Soul - Crazy People

"Crazy people..."

Various Artists - Tantra Trance 2: Front