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Various Artists - Teldrassil

Various Artists - Teldrassil
LabelMoonsun Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Hagenith - Teldrassil
02 N.O.M. - Matrix
03 Adi - Luckylilboy
04 Distorted Goblin - Quest For Eternity
05 Narcosis - Narcdisco
06 CannibaL HolocausT - Croque Monsieur
07 MoonSun & Kerberos - Black Heart
08 Psychoz - Exodus
09 Kindzadza - Dontgiveup

01 Death Project - Mystic Screams
02 Shakri - This May Kill You
03 d.N.i - ReStlEsS DemOns
04 Psytour - 51th State
05 DaRkShiRe vs Detonator - Pursuit Of Pleasure
06 N.O.M. - Multistars
07 Narcosis - Noname
08 Brain Core - Landing On Sheremetetbo 2
09 Dark Elf - Fear Engine

A massive tree off the north western coast of Kalimdor is home to the Night Elves and their capital city, Darnassus.After the defeat of Archimonde at the battle of Mount Hyjal,the Night Elves began to fear the future having lost their cherished immortality. Many Night Elves choose not to wait for the original World Tree, Nordrassil, to heal itself and hope their immortality returned and stood behind a projectspearheaded by Frandral Staghelm to plant a new World Tree.
The Night Elven leader, Malfurion Stormrage warned that nature would never bless such an arrogant act. But when the great druid was lost inside the Emerald Dream, Staghelm went forward with his idea and planted the great tree Teldrassil. However, Malfurion was correct and nature did not bless the greattree and it is slowly becoming corrupted much to Staghelm's displeasure.

Various Artists - Teldrassil: Front