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Various Artists - Temple Of Science

Various Artists - Temple Of Science
LabelNice Dreams Music
Typecompilation, CD

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Bluetech - Temple Of Science


01 Morphonix - Fuzz Machine
02 Shanti Matkin feat. Nils - Elixir Of Life
03 Beatkrush - Smoker's Delight
04 GMS vs Earthling - Shiva Devotion
05 Space Funghi Project - Lydian Sky (Melovskys Remix)
06 J.Viewz feat. Rena Jones - Autumn Suggestion
07 Lunar Sound - Genetic Evolution
08 Kuba - Great Expectations
09 Deedrah - 4 8 15 16 23 42
10 Bluetech - Crescent

With great reviews and popular response to the first release, the Nice Dreams crew is ready to release the second compilation by Dj Celli entitled "Temple of Science", due in 2007. Nice Dreams Music provides an alternative platform for the change in today's electronic music scene. With the many new emerging styles at hand, from chill out to electro & progressive, dub, and beyond.

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