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Various Artists - Tempus Viator

Various Artists - Tempus Viator
LabelTantrumm Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Dronebixie - Broadway
02 Alien Mental - Life Force Remix
03 Kindzadza - Water Memory
04 Orestis vs Datakult - Into The Darkness
05 Orestis - Hunted Heretic
06 Jelly vs Datakult - Windows Xxxp
07 Kuku Ruku - Dirty Oscar
08 Polykaos - Numbers
09 Dejan - Machine Drill
10 Red - Laiman Alfa

Tantrumm pushes ever forward, tirelessly concocting the most potent sonic elixir to rally the seasoned vets and welcome new troops with a bang. They have gathered the cream of their international crop, ripe to perfection and ready to burst with psychedelic flavour, and created something they call "Tempus Viator".

Tempus Viator is a sonic transmission from the far reaches of the universal spectrum, a fusion of technological mayhem and braintwisting rhythm. It is a journey through the unpredictable planes of space and time, where the laws of logic cease to exist and the mind and body become one with the cosmic beat. Tempus Viator opens the door to an altered reality where electronic impulses and acoustic vibrations reveal a path through surreal mindscapes inside four dimensions of sound.

1. The course (ordinary audible, material) sound - hammering a nail
2. The mental sound - a bird flying south in a memory past
3. The visualised sound - symphonic sunset over turbulent seas
4. The transcendent sound - expanding forever in tune with the universe

Featuring ten previously unreleased gems, custom-tuned with the intent to simulate, invigorate and take the listener forward through unexplored planes of existence, shattering the constriction of pretense and conformity.

Kindly adjust your head spaces and synchronize all time devices, recline and enjoy the ride. If heavy turbulence is encountered, do not be alarmed, you are in the able hands of Expert Navigators on board the Tantrumm Space Shuttle.