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Various Artists - Terminal 2

Various Artists - Terminal 2
LabelAvatar Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Terminal 2


01 AstroPilot - Out Body Experience
02 Becoming Intense - Dangerous
03 Quantum - Stress Machine
04 Becoming Intense - The Scapeline
05 Manmademan - Side Chain
06 Audio Cactus - BC
07 AstroPilot - Guards Of Time
08 Reflex - Space ID
09 Prahlad - Meditation
10 Elysium - The Light

Terminal 2 is the new inhouse compilation from Avatar. Avatar is maintaining the tradition and, as in Terminal 1, is presenting a range of styles from a diverse spectrum of artists.

This episode is aimed at putting the soul back into the dancefloor, with its 10 international and exclusive super spankin' nu funktastik tranquilizers, none of which have been floating around.

The album features Avatar's new artists: AstroPilot, Audio Cactus (AKA B Vision) and Becoming.Intense. For all three, Terminal 2 is their debut album. Also on the album some well established names like Quantum, ManMadeMan, Reflex (AKA Echotek), who has released his debut album on Avatar two years ago, a new charmer from Prahlad, and last but not least a magnificent one from Sweden based Elysium. The general direction and spirit of the album is intelligent uplifting tunes, a winning formula to make your weekend a more pleasant one.

Avatar's flight from Terminal 2 is now ready for boarding. All passengers are requested to secure their boarding pass...