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Various Artists - The Beach 2006

Various Artists - The Beach 2006
LabelFineplay Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - The Beach 2006


01 Michele Adamson vs Perplex - Deep Friend Meltdown
02 Space Cat - Sun Burn
03 Bizzare Contact - The Beach
04 Beat Hackers - Old School
05 Dynamic - Unlimited
06 Black and White - Babi Pop
07 Shift - Night Wave
08 Space Buddha - Hydro Project
09 Perplex - It's A Fine Day (Vocal By Limor Saroni)

The CD version includes 9 previously unreleased Mega-hits, produced by top acts such as: Perplex, Bizzare Contact, Space cat, Shift, Dynamic, Black and White and more.

The awesome DVD includes 7 chapters, Perplex, Bizzare Contact, Shift, Beat Hackers, Dynamic, and Space Cat; each artist is presented with a track and video footage from him playing at Fineplay's events.This special DVD experience includes an amazing selection of music, mixed, giving an extra dosage of party vibes.

The Beach 2006, was recently held, and like its prior event it can be definitely categorized as one of the TOP Japanese Summer Festivals, attracting thousands of people for Japan and all over the world.In favor of this great even the Fineplay team, lead by Dj Dithforth, has cooked up an exciting full-bodied DVD CD production, which is a clear window to their past productions including THE Beach Festival.

Fineplay Records is considered as one of the Top 3 leading party organization in Japan.

Fineplay was founded in 2002 by Shibayama Masaki, he is accompanied by Dj Dithforth, Dj Mairo-Such and Dj Jun.Fineplay is known for its successful mega events throughout Japan, professionally managed and promoted, bringing in the needed fresh breeze to the extensive Japanese scene.

A lot has been said about the Colorful, Rich, Hyped, Solid, Fascinating Japanese scene, which is without doubt a shining star and one of the globes main dance and psytrance capitols.Aside from throwing vicious, colorful and exciting events all year round, this creative team is in charge of one of the most talked about Summer Festivals held in Japan.

The Beach Summer Festival is located in Mikawa Island in Aichi, a breathtaking location, a features a strong selection of International and local Artists and Dj's.