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Various Artists - The Black Sun

Various Artists - The Black Sun
LabelDead Tree Productions
Typecompilation, CD


01 Devic - Alien Incubator
02 Chipset - Symphonies Of Sickness
03 Necropsycho - Suffocation Zone
04 Bash - Mahany
05 Malice In Wonderland - Demo(N)Cracy
06 Demonizz - Deep Insane
07 Succubus vs Zartrox - Otherspace Divergents
08 Karmazon - Dark Philosophy
09 Baphomet Engine - Black Sun

The Dead Tree Productions is an independent label with its main base in Brazil, located in the city of Goiânia - Goiás. The label aim is to release projects that produces unusual (read obscure) Dark Trance, with concept, intelligence and harmonic sounds.

The Black Sun is the reflection and self-knowledge light. The human being lives unconsciously in two parallel universes: one of them is the one where it is manipulated and only sees what he wants. The other is where always, on the darkness and the unknown, it gets lost. With no light, on the deepest and most obscure corner of the human mind, the Black Sun frightens through doubts and fear, leading us to the extreme unconscious so we be able to know and control our reactions to the outside world.

This compilation intention is to show our concept about the human mind powers and encourage people to self-know themselves, as this is one of the main steps to self-evolution. Self-knowledge will bring us to another level as human beings and we only will be able to achieve it when we face extreme situations that requires effort and mind control.

So, Dead Tree Productions brings you a musical representation of the Black Sun strenght. Listen it on the darkest and colder night you are able to. Dance and think about yourselves.

Various Artists - The Black Sun: Front