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Various Artists - The Exploding Man

Various Artists - The Exploding Man
Label3D Vision Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - The Exploding Man


01 Dynamic vs Switch - Drop This
02 Azax Syndrom vs Absolum - World Of Illusion Live Remix
03 Iron Madness - Optimus Prime
04 Mad Netic - Afro Samurai
05 Toxic - Destination Known
06 Painkiller vs Bliss - Loony Bin
07 Azax Syndrom vs Abomination - The Exploding Man
08 Azax Syndrom - Cutting Edge Science
09 Switch - Megasonics
10 Transwave - Land Of Freedom 2007

Azax Syndrom needs no introduction... his music is well known and played all over the world. His debut album "Evolution" was released at april 2007 at 3dvision records and was a big hit on the worldwide dancefloors. This time Azax has collected the most powerfull dancefloor tracks,each one tested carefully in his sets, to make sure that this compilation will burn every dancefloor in his path !! "The Exploding Man" contains 10 smashing tracks,featuring the new sound of hardfloor music. This compilation is a breakthrough in the psychedelic sound as we know it. A must have for every DJ who needs to blast !

All The Best from the 3Dvision Team !!

Various Artists - The Exploding Man: Front