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Various Artists - The Hidden Dimension

Various Artists - The Hidden Dimension
LabelLaugh & Dance Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Electroscape - Cloud Break
02 Perplex vs Tactic Mind - Samsera
03 Mojo Jojo - Ten Times More Powerfull Than The Sun
04 Trinodia - A 11
05 Ananda Shake - Love Story
06 S.O.L. - New Thoughts
07 Didrapest - Funkyfish
08 Panta Rei - Flare 10b
09 Rapid Evolution - Ultra Rapid

Laugh and Dance Records has evolved from a local group of party organizers in Gothenburg, Sweden. Powered by the event company "Mumix" and the web community "Swedish Mushroom", and with the determination to introduce FullOn into the Swedish club scene, the Laugh and Dance team has during the last three years taken the place as the premier Swedish promoter and event organizer.

Among the artists playing at these events we've had the pleasure to see Perplex, Ultravoice, Tical, Mechanix, Necton, Didrapest, Ananda Shake, Trinodia and S.o.L. The Laugh and Dance sound can be recognized as a joyful, high tempo, melodic trance sound. Pretty much typical FullOn, but we also present some dark and dirty tunes in the form of Progressive/ Hi-Tech trance and Progressive/ Elecro-house.

The vision of this company is not only to bring our Swedish crowd well produced dance music but also to become somewhat equivalent in the trance/ house scene in Scandinavia as for example how Ministry of Sound has established themselves in the European club scene.

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