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Various Artists - The History of Goa Trance 2 - Sound of HOMmega

Various Artists - The History of Goa Trance 2 - Sound of HOMmega
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 Psycraft & Dali - Memories inside
02 Domestic & Pixel & Techtonic - Big time
03 Delirious - Stuck in my brain
04 X-Noize - Revolver
05 Black and White - Sharp
06 Astrix - Coolio (Infected Mushroom Remix)
07 Sub 6 - Stand with me
08 Xerox & Illumination - No way out
09 Krunch - Pura vida

01 Psysex - Goa human experience
02 Psy Craft - Electromance
03 X-Noize - Elevate
04 Astrix - Follow me
05 Xerox & Illumination - Funkenstein
06 Cosma - The time has come
07 Chakra - Opacity
08 Psysex - Survival kit (Koopa Troopa Remix)

YSE and HOMmega have joined forces to bring you double CD compilation hand picked by HOMmega's Label Manager Eyal Yankovich. This Limited edition luxury Carton Sleeve features 18 of the most successful tracks by leading HOMega artists such as: Astrix/Infected Mushroom, Black and White, Chakra, Cosma, Delirious, Domestic/Pixel, Intelabeam, Krunch, Pixel, Psy Craft/Dali, PsySex, Sub6, X-noiZe, Xerox and Illuminationand the beat goes on.

Each CD takes you on a musical voyage showcasing the musical wealth of the HOMmega catalogue, as well as previously unreleased material. CD 1 focuses on high octane Full On Psy Trance and CD 2 on deeper and slower storytellers.

Both CDs are track by track, no mixing here, and so the first of our Special Edition Series is not only a valuable collectable, but also an essential tool for any DJ specializing in the finest Psy Trance.

As the HOMmega saying goes'Music is the soundtrack of your life'

Various Artists - The History of Goa Trance 2 - Sound of HOMmega: Front