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Various Artists - The Invisible Hand

Various Artists - The Invisible Hand
LabelMighty Quinn Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - The Invisible Hand


01 Encephalopaticys - Global Reintroduce
02 Distorted Goblin - A Little Night Music
03 Drury Nevil - Invisible Hand
04 Parus - Like This
05 1rgum 3urgum - Six Beat Under
06 Gorump Peyya - Night In Alto Prado
07 Muktisvara - Do Utra
08 Donkey Shot - We Are Organic
09 Derango - Eh Ehh Ehhhh

Following the successful worldwide release of Beauty and the Beast, Mighty Quinn Records is thrilled to present its third instalment straight from Tokyo, Japan - The Invisible Hand.
Unexplained changes in human brain chemistry through episodes of intense psychedelia bring about large but unintended shifts in global human behaviour, as if being guided by the force of a massive invisible hand.
The latest push by The Invisible Hand delivers 9 previously unheard and carefully chosen chapters from artists and friends in our network, featuring Encephalopatycis, Distorted Goblin, Drury Nevil, Parus, 1rgum 3urgum, Gorump Peyya, Muktisvara, Donkey Shot, and a 12-minute epic closer from Derango.
Let the forces of the Invisible Hand guide your consciousness into the uncharted territories of sound.
Compiled by Niki and Spliffnik.

Various Artists - The Invisible Hand: Front