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Various Artists - The Next Generation - DNA

Various Artists - The Next Generation - DNA
Typecompilation, CD


01 Psysex & Rocky - Japanese Awa (DNA Remix)
02 X-Noize - Rock It (Psy Craft Remix)
03 Melicia - Running Out Of Time (DNA Remix)
04 Domestic & X-Noize - Flaming Dart
05 Wizzy Noise - Behemoth (DNA Remix)
06 Quantum - Need For Ead (DNA Remix)
07 DNA & Melicia - Magic Stick
08 Space Cat - Kreak Take 2
09 Injection - Massive Attack

The Next Generation compilation by DNA is an extra ordinary compilation loaded with hits and dance floor stormers a powerful trance experience initiated and compiled by DNA a top class trance act of the next generation of Israel's trance masters the future of the worldwide trance scene for the years to come!!!!