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Various Artists - The Next Generation - Hypersonic

Various Artists - The Next Generation - Hypersonic
Typecompilation, CD


01 Hypersonic - Another Dimension
02 X-Noize & Assi - 15,000 Micrograms
03 Psycraft - Bad Girl
04 DNA - The Music (Hypersonic Remix)
05 DNA - Sound Blaster
06 Stereotype - Stereo Blaster
07 Hypersonic - Larger Than Life (Kamasutrance Remix)
08 Enta Project - El Hilwa
09 Hypersonic - Zuma (Live At The Zoom Festival-Switzerland)
10 Magnetica - The Gedi

Phonokol proudly presents the 3rd volume of its high profile trance compilation series and this time with Dj Yani aka Hypersonic who selected and compiled this amazing psy-trance compilation!

This new edition of 'The Next Generation' features new tracks and remixes done by Hypersonic - such as the amazing 'Another Dimension', his remix to 'The Music' of D.N.A, a special remix to Inta Omri sang with the famous Israeli singer Zehava Ben and the live version of his unforgettable hit 'Zuma'. 'Larger Than Life' was remixed to this project by Kamasutrance.

For this project, Hypersonic selected tracks made by other artists that he appreciates most. X-Noise, Psy Craft and D.N.A

He also presents new comers such as Stereomatic and Magnetica with their first releases.

X-Noize & Assi - 15,000 Micrograms

anyone can survive 15000 micrograms of lsd

getting high; pure, exact, 5000 micrograms of unadulterated lsd 25

I took all three hits 15000 micrograms.. its the answer isnt it? Its the answer to ever question..Its the route to god..Its the direct route to God. And thats where I am you know youve been there, right? I'm with God!

Its amazing I feel a complete clarity a..a complete wisdom a complete refinement of character and of mind of body and soul I feel so beautiful so great..

I can't believe you never gave this to me before!

DNA - Sound Blaster

"That would conclude this evenings entertainment."

"I've come down from the valley of sky's to save the day. I'm about to reveal the tales of your lives. Too many secrets are locked inside your minds but you are all equally in life equally in law."

Various Artists - The Next Generation - Hypersonic: Front