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Various Artists - The Phosphorescent

Various Artists - The Phosphorescent
LabelTIP Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Hallucinogen - Gamma Goblins
02 Psychopod - Psychopod
03 Manmademan & Tristan - Purple Merlin
04 Hallucinogen - Soothsayer (The Lysurgeon Warning Remix)
05 X-Dream - Panic in Paradise
06 The Infinity Project - Phosphorescence
07 Doof - People in U.F.O.'s
08 Orichalcum - Alien Homes
09 The Antidote - Sunrise

The Infinity Project - Phosphorescence

'We can say that the highest common factor in all these experiences is the experience of light. Now, the light-experience is of several kinds. There is the experience which is recorded in a great deal of the literature, of what we could call undifferentiated light, just an enormous burst of light, unembodied in any particular form, just a great flood of light. I think it would be true to say that this experience of the undifferentiated light is generally associated with what may be called a full-blown theophany or a full-blown mystical experience.'

'Bathed with an intensity of light'

'For example, the experience will very often begin with a vision of what we call living geometries, geometrical forms brilliantly lighted, continuously changing, modulating into some kind of geometrical object, such as...'

Various Artists - The Phosphorescent: Front
Various Artists - The Phosphorescent: Back
Various Artists - The Phosphorescent: Inside
Various Artists - The Phosphorescent: Inside 2
Various Artists - The Phosphorescent: CD