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Various Artists - The Riddle Of Santa Catherina

Various Artists - The Riddle Of Santa Catherina
LabelAvatar Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - The Riddle of Santa Catherina


01 Irina Mikhailova - Mori Moma
02 Toires feat. Irina Mikhailova - Dereye
03 Nimba - Intoxicated Nomads
04 Ocelot - Riddles In The Stone
05 AstroPilot - Yasmin
06 AstroPilot - Son Of The Sky
07 Aquila (3) - Evolution
08 Total Eclipse - Moonlight
09 12 Tribes - The Gathering

This magical project has been created in honor of the ancient monastery of St. Catherina and the people that have been operating it for over 1000 years!

The Riddle begins in Sinai desert, within the great walls of the monastery, erected among the desert mountains. Throughout the years many questions have risen around this monastery and the mysteries linked to it. So far some questions have still not been solved...

If you search a dictionary for the term "journey", this unique compilation will be the perfect interpretation as it will take you on a voyage to the unknown, where East meets West, where culture and tradition combine...

Avatar is proud to present you this Oriental down tempo & spiritual beats compilation.

A compilation unlike anything you heard before. Nine spell bounding and exotic tracks embedded with mystical Middle Eastern ethnic sounds and rhythms, an album that will carry you to the magic ambience of Sinai desert and the monastery itself.

The artists that have participated in the project are among the very best in the genre:

Nimba (Ariane Macavoy), known as part of The Nommos with her phenomenal ethno / tribal style and intoxicating sounds.
Toires and his Arabic style, in a special collaboration with Irina Mikhailova, and her magnificent hunting voice.
Irina is well presented in this project and also joins David Battenfield as Aquila.

Total Eclipse with the beautiful desert track accompanied by violins... pure Arabia style...

AstroPilot, who contributes to this project two magnificent and hypnotizing tracks. This guy is absolutely fantastic.

The respectable and talented oCeLot with a psychedelic down tempo track prepared "the oCeLot way..."

12 Tribes (Itzik Levi / AKA Sandman) introduces here his debut track under this project, definitely an ear opener...

All together create a web of music that provides pieces to the puzzle and clues to the great riddle...

The artists here gave from their cream, and working on this exciting project was challenging and enlightening as one.

St. Catherina Monastery stands as the pride of the desert and will always be the amulet of the locals that inhabit Egypt...
Grab your nargila, sit down, relax and enjoy...

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