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Various Artists - The Sacred Tree

Various Artists - The Sacred Tree
LabelVertigo Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Jahbo vs Red Eye Jedi - Stoned Monday
02 Shotu - 10 Ans
03 Furious & Cadans - Metabolism
04 Noise Gust - Ominus Square
05 Papiyan - Shamantic Extracts
06 Derango - Implosions (Technical Hitch Remix)
07 Derango - The Invention Of Nothingness
08 Dylalien - The Alien Translator
09 Alien Mental - Get Higher
10 Osom - Boa Noite

Vertigo Rec. presents the visions of 2012 the Mayan calendar end of date.

Mythically, at sunrise on December 21, 2012, the Sun - our Father - rises to conjoin the center of the Sacred Tree, the World Tree, the Tree of Life.

The compilation is boiled with tight bass lines, twirling soundscapes and ancient Mayan atmospheres.This is a special mixture of psychedelic music for a deep shamanic experience to express the Mayan calendar end of date.The artists featuring on this compilation are sharing the same visions of truly psychedelic music.

We've got two spacey and intelligent projects Dylalien and Alien Mental from the San Francisco family USA. Jahbo, Red-eye-Jedi and Papiyan are all coming from Denmark Aarhus, that well known Mecca of crispy forest trance. Derango from Sweden does not need much of introducing, they have already got strong reputation of vivid and mind stimulating psytrance. Technical Hitch from Israel made a splendid remix of Derango track Implosions, which was originally released on Trishula records.

Furious from Russia made a versus track with Cadans, which has shamanic vibe and highly danceable energy. Noise Qust, from Japan has really strong reputation on he's first releases at Vertigo rec. Shotu from France continues he's strong list of releases. Last track is made by Osom from Russia. Which consists two psytrance pioneers Kindzadza and Psykovsky.

Various Artists - The Sacred Tree: Front
Various Artists - The Sacred Tree: Back
Various Artists - The Sacred Tree: Inside
Various Artists - The Sacred Tree: CD