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Various Artists - The Singles

Various Artists - The Singles
LabelSpirit Zone Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Mekkanikka - Searching
02 Bamboo Forest - Bypass
03 Safi Connection - Adrenochrome
04 Space Tribe vs Electric Universe - The acid test
05 K.U.R.O. - Manley
06 GMS - Black hole
07 Mekkanikka - The electronic brain stimulation
08 Etnica - Be serious

GMS - Black Hole

'Tonight my friend, we stand on the edge of a deep space exploration. If the data of my returning probe ship matches my computerised calculation, i will travel where no man has dared to go.'

'Into the Black Hole!'

'In - trough - and beyond!'

'That´s crazy! Ha, Impossible!'

From the movie 'The Black Hole'

The Black Hole

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