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Various Artists - The Solution

Various Artists - The Solution
LabelBom Shanka Music
Typecompilation, CD


01 Dissociactive - Lyzerginka
02 Terraformers - Chapora Street
03 Tron & Stu - Which One Was It
04 Parasense - Ami San Kho
05 The A.R.T. Conspiracy - 5 Drops Of Your Finest
06 Illegal Machines - Adenoid
07 Psymmetrix & Pirated Machines - Tricard Au Bar
08 Psykodroids - Die Hack
09 Psymmetrix - Crack Pipes & Bongs

Bom Shanka Music's d├ębut release :: The Solution :: is a compilation of night time psychedelia guaranteed to rock the dance floor.
Compiled by label DJ Stu it includes fresh new tracks from like minded artists in Russia ,Mexico, France and the UK creating a night time psychedelic sound perfect for people who like it hard but happy.
A truly international compilation flowing from Dissociactive's clean power sound, through the punky dark tones of Illegal Machines, via Tron's intelligent squelches and finally arriving at the chunky underground classic "Crack Pipes & Bongs"... Every one of the 9 tracks are dance floor friendly, whoop inducing, full having it killers that will be ripping up dancefloors everywhere.

Various Artists - The Solution: Front