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Various Artists - Tokyo >> Tel Aviv 2

Various Artists - Tokyo >> Tel Aviv 2
LabelNoga Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Tokyo Tel-Aviv Vol.2


01 Double Impact - Analog Illusion
02 Freaked Frequency - Blastoff
03 Bizzare Contact - Monkey Mind (2006 Final Version)
04 Electro Sun - Gothica
05 Gataka vs DJ Ziki - Tokyo Time
06 Illumination vs DJ Ziki - Who We Are
07 Stereomatic - Extreme
08 System Nipel vs Visual Contact - Bizarre Nipel
09 Ultravoice - On The Move

Noga Records is proud to present:V/A Tokyo Tel Aviv Vol.2 CD, Compiled by Dj Ziki A.K.A Karamchanic. Following the success of the first edition of this special series, Dj Ziki, 28 yr', Noga Records A&R, an active figure & Dj in the Japanese trance scene for the last 9 years, brings forth his latest high quality selection of morning powered Full on masterpieces.

This is Dj Ziki's 5th compilation release and is stronger than ever, featuring 9 previously unreleased tracks by the cream of the crop, including 2 tracks by Ziki himself along with Illumination & Gataka, tracks by: Bizzare Contact, System Nipel VS. Visual Contact, Electro Sun, Ultravoice, Freaked Frequency, Stereomatic & Double Impact. Dj Ziki an Israeli living & breathing Japan for the last 9 years brings his experience & knowledge of both cultures, Israeli & Japanese, who's impacted the global trance scene the most along the years.

All artist on this compilation have are exclusively represented by Noga Records in Japan and have been blasting with their unique & elegant style successfully all over the world. Tokyo Tel Aviv merges between these two remarkable cultures, who's long & rich history have impacted the evolution of this great world.

Dj Ziki has been working hard in the studio & is planned to release his solo project album, Karmachanic later on this year.

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