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Various Artists - Totemism

Various Artists - Totemism
LabelEtnicanet Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Etnica - Totemism (Etnica Remix 1996-2006)


01 Pion - The Dominator
02 PTX - Automatik
03 Etnica & Arkanoydz - Totemism
04 Bamboo Forest - Microdrive
05 Wizzy Noise - Triptonite
06 Dickster - Vimana
07 Arkanoydz - The Object
08 Aes Dana & Nova - Triptonite

In the early 90's the Milanese ETNICA quartet took Psychedelic Goa Trance by storm and spawned a global phenomenon that still today ignites dance floors and inspires many an artist. Etnica's tracks have rippled throughout the years, remembered for the spectacular chaos they conjure on dance floors all over the globe. Compiled by dj Young (Arkanoydz), TOTEMISM is a unique composite of past, present and future: the moods and musical hues traversed are plenty, segueing in perfect unison. Unforgettable classics are re-defined by the musical character of some of today's leading artists, yielding exquisitely diverse results that celebrate the full spectrum of our ever-evolving genre in all its glory.