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Various Artists - Toxic Breakfast

Various Artists - Toxic Breakfast
LabelNun Shaker Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Early Reflections vs Terraformers - A Ball In Your Head
02 Early Reflections vs Principles of Flight - Crystal Met
03 Module - Digital Dirt
04 Organic Hybrid - Cartoon Land
05 Battlegoats vs Orca - Sea Monster
06 5h55 vs Akhoa - Kick Chebab Chon Corizo (Phonic Request Remix)
07 Orca - Robotic
08 Illegal Machines vs Orca - Bourre Pif
09 Noisy Pipes vs Little Pumpkin - 1602

"The Nun Shaker Records Laboratories are proud to present to you their first product, the TOXIC BREAKFAST.

These nine crunchy hypervitamined brain-cakes are going to nourrish both body and mind;

our soundscientists have developed this acid/psychedelic mix to allow dance floor maniacs enjoy a hyperstimulation of their synapses and a faultless physical energy.

We have selected the best specialists all over the world (England, Israel, France) for their technical skills in terms of massive distribution of energy and good vibes!

These nine bombs will soon become vital to all those who wish to experience non stop dancing, a highly performant psychostimulation and absolute positivity all in one!

Do not miss that meal, it tastes awesome!!"

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