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Various Artists - Trance De Eivissa

Typecompilation, vinyl

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Various Artists - Trance De Eivissa


01 Electric Scientists - Do You Seek Knowledge In Time Travel?
02 Earthling - Just Say Yes
03 Infected Mushroom - Overload (Deedrah Remix)
04 Lotus Omega - Lighthouse Remix
05 Lib 2000 - Tycho Remix
06 Yeti - Part 3 (Total Eclipse Remix)
07 Maskalin - Alien Funk
08 Morphog - Out In The Fields

Infected Mushroom - Overload (Deedrah Remix)

'No, no more scientists, no more laboratorys, no more experiments, I thought you would be able to understand.'

From movie 'The Island of Dr. Moreau'

The Island of Dr. Moreau