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Various Artists - Trance Psychedelic Exp vol 4

Various Artists - Trance Psychedelic Exp vol 4
LabelT.P.E. Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Altom - Kompakt (GMS Remix)
02 Bamboo Forest - Release Your Mind
03 Polaris - Snap It
04 Protoculture - Ghost In The Machine
05 Altom - All Of That (Silicon Sound Remix)
06 Altom - What Time Is Love (Remix)
07 Altom - Only When I Lose Myself (Remix)
08 Alternative Control vs Itza - Girl's Trace In Control Space
09 Altom - Viper (Shanti Remix)

Altom is Aliexis Cornet and Thomas Dubreuil from Paris, France. Altom needs no introduction really as they have performing on the international circuit for a long time now. Altom releases have been featured on their home label Neurobiotic Records & on other solid international labels such as: TIP.World, Spirit Zone, 3D Vision, & Spun to name a few. Trance Psychedelic Experience Vol.4 CD is Altom's brand new sizzling compilation, including all of the BIG names in the psytrance scene. The compilation is released by Japanese Label & Party Promotion team T.P.E Records, the representative of Altom in Japan since 2004.The compilation, which features an eye-catching cover art design, opens with a banging GMS remix of Altom's progressive-styled track - Kompakt. Track 2 features the brilliant Bamboo Forest, marked by their authentic signature of superior production level & results. Tracks 3 and 4 feature top acts Polaris and Protoculture. These emotionally stimulating tracks are designed to light up the outdoor party dance floors! The compilation begins its finale with superb tracks from Alternative Control vs. Itza, and from the compilers Altom themselves. Backing up a bit, the highlight of the compilation is track number 5, a remix from top-notch French artist Silicon Sound, who has been enjoying continued support from international festivals and labels such as the VooV experience and Dragonfly records. The CD wraps up with a rousing finale from GMS family member Shanti, a remix of Altom's hit track "Viper" Be sure to check out this exciting collaboration from organizer and record label T.P.E. and their partners Altom, which is sure to be heard all summer.

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