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Various Artists - Trancendental Journey

Various Artists - Trancendental Journey
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 Pleiadians - Atlas
02 System Failure - Acid Injection
03 Power Source - Vorlan (Ultravoice Remix)
04 PTX vs Tactic Mind - Shade
05 Didrapest - Kalimero
06 Broken Toy - Hit & Miss
07 Optokoppler - TBA
08 Orgon Flow - Are we clones
09 O.O.O.D. feat. Ott - Eye Of The Beholder

01 Perfect Stranger & Morax - Mountain High
02 Vibrasphere - Thermal Twist
03 Sinewave - Solar Plexus
04 The Freak Show - Computer Addict
05 Headroom - Get Cape Down
06 Pleiadians - Starbase 11
07 Sangeet - Fragile Noize
08 Magoon - Science of Noises
09 Orion - Quick Step

A trip through psychedelic trance with Dj Mikadho.

Trancendental Journey is the start of a brand new series which brings you the most exciting mix of all styles of psychedelic ranging from GOA to Full ON to Psychedelic Trance, all dished up and served by DJ Mikadho!

18 tracks on two CDs with three unreleased hits by ION, THE Freak Show and Sinewave! More classy stuff by Pleidadians, Vibrasphere and Space CAT as well as a brand new track by Power Source!

Various Artists - Trancendental Journey: Front