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Various Artists - Tree Creation

Various Artists - Tree Creation
LabelRegen Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Mystic Beats - Medit
02 Bent Intent - Deca
03 Hibernation - Click Hauz
04 Spoonbill - J-spray
05 Kalya Scintilla - Ei Questione
06 Daheen - Jungle Juice (Chill Remix)
07 Indijika - Hunahau
08 Thermohaline - Tumbleweed Dub
09 Bumble - Courtship
10 Daheen - Humming Bird


TreeCreation is a collection of chilled beats to sooth the soul and heal the earth brought to you by the environmentally friendly label Regen Records. Featuring the best of Australian down tempo artists from all corners of the country such as Spoonbill, Mystic Beats, Bent Intent and Daheen, alongside special guest Hibernation from the UK. The music will take you on a fantastic ride through all genres of chill with tastes of psy dub, tribal, glitch, and psy chill. All expertly mastered by Huby at Ultimae this CD has a little something for everybody.
You can also rest assured that purchasing this CD will have a positive effect on the planet. It has been produced completely Carbon Neutral thanks to Breed Media's carbon offset program. Even delivery has been offset. All packaging is made from recycled and FSC certified sustainable material including the new fully recycled plastic tray and is 100% recyclable. For every 3 CDs, 2 plastic bottles are saved from landfill. Printing was done alcohol free using vegetable inks and natural glues. For every CD sold there will be 1 tree planted at the next R.E.G.E.N planting event. All proceeds from sales of this CD go towards environmental education and restoration projects.

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