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Various Artists - Tribal Night In Africa

Various Artists - Tribal Night In Africa
LabelMechanik Sound
Typecompilation, CD

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Hyper Frequencies - Tribal Night In Africa


01 Hyper Frequencies - Aleikoum Salam
02 Yab-yum - Afreakadelik
03 Neuromotor vs Electrocult - Rockafricattitude
04 Abomination - Secret Sand
05 Los Diablos - Jungle FM
06 Para Halu - Africa
07 Electrocult - Safari Training
08 Double R.E.L - Further And Forward
09 Tribal Voodoo - Tribal Voodoo

This time our hearts have been turned toward Africa, marked by pains and joys.

Disconcerted by Occident immobility faced to those repeated attacks that Africa had to suffer and still does, we have wanted to react with our arms: artistic expression.

A killer and tribal energy, an hypnotic Trance acid with percussions, take possession of this compilation, carried by the inspiration of the artists of this release: Hyper Frequencies, Yab Yum, Tribal Vodoo, Double Rel, Electrocult, Para Halu, Los Diablos, Abomination, Neuromotor vs Electrocult A Night Music, sometimes grave, sometimes light hearted the reflection of the contradictions that Africa is living.

Let flow your tears and laugh with us to carry the hope and the faith we have in the future of Africa !

Various Artists - Tribal Night In Africa: Front