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Various Artists - Triton

Various Artists - Triton
LabelDiscovalley Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Flipknot - Tritone
02 Polycaos vs Silent Horror - 360 Surround
03 Detonatik - Allergic Recharge
04 Bash - Dark Pampkin
05 Fraktal Noise - Recall
06 Dark Elf - Time Up
07 Za7zay - Darkshina Murthi
08 Claw - Fantaze
09 DaRkShiRe - Wellcome To The Jungle

DiscoValley Records is proud to present its 8th compilation 'Triton': THE musical instalment of the Dark Waves ruling our inner oceans.

Triton, the son of Poseidon, ancient Greek god and master of the sea-world, and the sea goddess Amphitrite, is a marine divinity who was riding over the blue waters on diverse sea-monsters or other fantastic aquatic creatures. His main characteristic in the ancient poetry as well as in works of art is a trumpet consisting of a shell, which Triton blew at the command of Poseidon!!! When he blew his seashell, storms were raised or calmed. Once the giants fought the Gods... Its sound was so terrible, that when loudly blown, it put the giants to flight, who imagined it to be the roar of a mighty wild beast Triton has also helped the Argonauts on their journey to get the Golden Fleece.

That's why we chose this theme: Discovalley Records challenges you, along with our Argonauts (Brian, Romolo, Kaos, Jigar, Jasi, Andre, Fabio, Dimitri, Daash, Charalambos and Marios) to board on the Argo, ship of the Heroes, along with Captain Teo, and to take this Tritonic adventure and sea quest, in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea

Liquid Sounds Rules!!!

Various Artists - Triton: Front