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Various Artists - Tropical Terror

Various Artists - Tropical Terror
LabelShaman Films Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Tropical Terror


01 Necropsycho - Fuck Brains
02 Baphomet Engine - Virus In The 3d Saloon
03 Demonizz - A Dead Brain
04 Neo Vox vs Karmazon - Time Is Past
05 Neo Vox - The Anxious
06 Succubus - Tropical Terror
07 Magma Ohm vs Succubus - Shades Of The Night
08 Cannibal Barbecue - Die Tony Montana
09 Cannibal Zik On BBQ - Acid Breaks

Tropical Terror is a banquet of the freshest mental specimens from the handpicked most twisted mind-chefs in Brazil. Bubbling up as a new metropolis of dark trance, Brazil!! leaving a legacy of mental disturbance, for the mind and soul leaving you the feeling of spine-tingling poisons of a nervous system going haywire.

Various Artists - Tropical Terror: Front