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Various Artists - Tshitraka Project 3

Various Artists - Tshitraka Project 3
LabelBlue Tunes Recordings
Typecompilation, CD

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Earsugar - Tshitraka Project Vol.3


01 Yotopia - Blue Moon
02 Sensifeel - Sunglaces (Gaudium Remix)
03 Lish - Stereo Talk
04 Galactika - Motion Control
05 Earsugar - Foretaste (Symphonix Remix)
06 DJ Martin - Lauschgift (Dub Version)
07 Morax - Ola Bon Bon
08 Nyquist - Oliver Twist

The third part of the Tshitraka Project Compilation is going to be released. And is the second collection of the new german label Blue Tunes Records.

The disc is compilated by dj's montagu/golkonda and shankara. The collection present some artists which going to play in the 6 part of the International Trance Festival in north germany. The Compilation show's 8 brand new exclusive tracks from Yotopia, Lish, gaudium Remix of Sensifeel, Galactika, Nyquist(side project from freq), Symphonix rmx of Earsugar.Dj Martin and Morax.

The compilers searched for special feeling tracks for the upcoming open air summer

Various Artists - Tshitraka Project 3: Front