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Various Artists - Twisted Flavors

Various Artists - Twisted Flavors
LabelD-A-R-K Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Twisted Flavors


01 Dark Summer - She Cooked!
02 Hishiryo - Psychotic Hardtime
03 Troglodytes - Wa-Wa Wa-Sa
04 Sectio Aurea - Laboratorio Lunare
05 Neo Vox - Freaky Notion
06 Electrypnose - Rumicube
07 Digitalist - Wild Horses
08 eniChkin Project - Tromaktika Upohthonio
09 Lab - Carnaval
10 DarkOhm - Horror Widow

The first compilation of D-A-R-K Records titled Twisted Flavors is a conceptual release. The title came out from the fact that we have artists from all over the world, so different twisted flavors all in one art masterpiece. Each track has a unique style, professionally conceived and produced by the respective artists.

It starts with a Slovenian feeling with Dark Summer - She Cooked! The table is all set for some twisted appetite. Hishiryo then comes into the meal preparation with a French platter assured to give each one a Psychotic Hardtime. Also invited at the dinner, the Swedish Cavemen come along picking mushrooms chanting away Wa-Wa Wa-Sa. Since this is a global gathering, we then have Sectio Aurea bringing you some mental soup in Laboratorio Lunare. We couldn't do this dinner without inviting the Brazilian spices called Freaky Notion from Neo Vox cooks. Another well known cook Electrypnose got deeply engaged in playing the Rumicube. Digitalist makes an entry riding his Wild Horses getting everybody out of their mind states to be ready to taste the forbidden Tromaktika Upohthonio Russian salad from eniChkin Project. To make it a true gourmet Carnaval, we had a dark wine from Ren's Lab. Finally, for desert, DarkOhm the Venezuelan cuisine specialists brought up some Horror Widow, a typical South American dish. Here are some Twisted Flavors to serve you, enjoy the dark meal.