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Various Artists - Twisted Vision II

Various Artists - Twisted Vision II
LabelHadra Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Shotu - Twisted Vision II


01 Brain Driver - Lume
02 Psymmetrix - Planet Itself
03 Shotu - Metropolis
04 Onkel Dunkel - Something Like This
05 Pirated Machines - Pirated Mind
06 Rev - Bilateral Dysfunction
07 Suddha - Mental Structure
08 Yab Yum vs Shotu - Poo Chi
09 Parasense - Wolves In Heaven
10 Synaptick - Arutam

This new Hadra Records release, "Twisted Vision 2" is DJ Leptit's second compilation.
Being the full on psychedelik side of this well renowned and successful organization and record label, based in Grenoble (French Alps), he has been mixing and acquiring his own unique style of kicking night time fat trance music.

He has now gone on to create a compilation featuring his most valued and respected artists that will send dance floors into madness across the world.

Full on night time lovers will find a mix of familiar names such as Rev, Parasense or Yab Yum, new comers' projects like Psymmetrix, Onkel Dunkel (GOW) or Pirated Machines. And also locals artists from the growing psychedelik scene in this part of France, like Brain Driver, Suddha, Synaptick and Shotu himself.

The clean punchy production of the compilation means each tune will electrify any
sound system its played through and ignite the listeners into a dancing frenzy. Great stuff.

Various Artists - Twisted Vision II: Front