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Various Artists - Vanishing Point

Various Artists - Vanishing Point
LabelPhantasm Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Vanishing Point - Compiled By John Phantasm


01 Eskimo - Can You Pick Me Up?
02 The Ataris - Silicon Valley
03 220V - Complex Bond
04 Azif Ewuz - How To Make An Acid Cake
05 Cosmosis - Imagine If You Will
06 Bliss - New Space
07 Talamasca - Lestat Sound Development (Sirius Isness Remix)
08 Menog - Monkey On The Roof
09 Dynamo - Maniac Saiko

Phantasm Records formed in 1993 to release the Mindfield debut single 'Life Is An Illusion'. They went from strength to strength with more Mindfield singles and then on to singles by AManite FX, O.O.O.D., Akasha and Quatermass.

Their series of singles continue as does their compilation label Psychic Deli releasing DJ sets from some of the biggest DJ names on the scene Sid Shanti, Mark Allen and Tsuyoshi. Psychic Deli also releases singles from L.S.C., Subclouds, Nervasystem and Shakta.

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