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Various Artists - Vaporize 2

Various Artists - Vaporize 2
LabelVaporvent Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Vaporize 2


01 Earthling & Mekkanikka & Chromatone - Echo Ghetto
02 Mekkanikka - Instru-Mental
03 Jirah - Out Of Phase Remix
04 Audialize - Revolution
05 Electrypnose & Chromatone - Paganoize
06 Pure Pressure - Restart
07 4 Winds Circle & Chromatone - Chronophasia
08 Pure Pressure - Blue Hole
09 Polaris - Connected
10 Ibojima & Chromosome - This Is The Exit

The Long awaited follow up of the acclaimed Vaporize CD and second in an ongoing series of releases compiled by Chromatone. Boasting a full assortment of international heros with liquid sounds spanning from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Baltic to Mediterranean sea. We are also proud to represent our stunning new label artists 4 Winds Circle from Mexico and Pure Pressure from Japan! Vaporize 2 starts off fun and funky and builds with deep intensity and finally melts to a dreamy cool finish. All the tracks have a delicious blend of melodic and psychedelic flair to transcend the senses to the most positive vibrations.

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