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Various Artists - Voice In The Machine

Various Artists - Voice In The Machine
LabelMetatron Production
Typecompilation, CD


01 Z-Machine - Voice In The Machine
02 Quantum feat. Keren Porat - Surya Kiran
03 Psysex vs Pixel vs Wrecked Machine - Unstable Machine
04 Dual Core - Dirt
05 Slider vs 2Minds - Fuck Around
06 Magnetica feat. Miki (Vocals) - Manga
07 Spineless - Emotion Amplify
08 Scala - Mysterious Life
09 Twisted Reation - Electrolyze
10 Void - Me Against The Music

The long time desired upcoming release from Metatron-Production is finely here!
A perfect collection of top tunes that are a must to every serious DJ and fan! Compiled by Paul Marks (Z-Machine), this compilation exists to drive us through this crazy machine world, where the best to do is Dance and Fly High...
Paul Marks is making the psychedelic underground scene move and fly worldwide since 1997! The international dancing tribe is already blasting with Z-Machine vibes, at record labels like TIP, Arcadia, Phantasm, Procyon, Phonokol, MDMA, Proton, Digital Oracle, Pukka Music, Noya, Metatron Production