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Various Artists - Wabi Sabi Hardcore

Various Artists - Wabi Sabi Hardcore
LabelFullmoon Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Fullmoon Project - Wabisabi Is Hadrcore
02 Noise Gust - Unreal Reality
03 Fatal Discord - Soul Seeker
04 Mondo - Psychedelicious
05 B-55 - The Sacred Rituai
06 Mondo vs Gu - Hardcore Nice Travel
07 Desperado - Isn't it ?
08 Black Gamon - Not Stacked
09 Mr.P.M. vs Back Gamon - Virus Hunters
10 Savage Scream - X Mash Hard

This is the last work of a series in three unprecedented conceptional CD, compiling killer tracks while on his jouney. The stage in the final chapter is Japan, continuously to Koh Phangan and Goa. Japanese artists who dash out all over the world concentrated on this complation "WABISABI HARDCORE". "wabi-sabi; one of the Japanese cultural expression meaning the beauty to be found in poverty and elegant quiet simplicity" Beginning of WABISABI dance is "WABISABI is HADRCORE" It's the psy-laboratory work by the artists gathered at Fullmoon Studio. "NOISE GUST" booked and released from all over the world, break through from Hard-core Punk and reached to individuality sound "FATAL DISCORD" Then, "MONDO" an energetic dark band from Osaka. And it's first time release from Fullmoon Rec. "B-55" their tour in South Africa was a great success! A tag-team as travering mates "MONDO vs GU" make underground full-power dance track goes on. They started making tracks in Goa, DJ GU&DJ TERUKI a.k.a."BACK GAMON". And "DESPERADO" take a part to make cool sounds! "VIRUS HUNTERS" as a spooky psychedelicker "Mr.P.M." meets "BACK GAMON", and it comes to an end with the leading of JP Psy, "SAVAGE SCREAM" JP Psy works equally hardcore as other world Psy scene! Japanese Music Samurais stand together having an unprecedented concept, to make a breakthrough the subdivided genres.